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Beach in the inner – city


This past weekend was full of surprises for the residents of  Newtown, when they witnessed their first beach party. On Saturday, the 8th of October, the events group “Until-Until”, hosted one of Joburgs finnest, creative parties for 2016, Braam beach party. Until-until also runs annual Parties such as Genesis all black. 

  The event had headliners who are making waves in the music scene right now, such as AKA, Ricky rick, Stilo Magolide and the cities current favourite DJ’s, Tira, Ph, Capitol and many more.

Although the weather wasn’t very friendly, and rained throughout most of the night, it did not stop the party from going on nor the people from having a good time. 

But the weather was not the only thing that was a potential threat to stopping the beach party, just last week, as the name suggests the party had been initially planned to be in Braamfontein, the heart of the student hub, but due to the previous event that happened a week beforeBraam beach party, which was Braam festival, the Beach party was moved to Mary Fitzgerald square, in Newtown. Although the shift in venue really upset people, it did not stop the people from attending the event.

Seeing that the party mimicked an actual beach party, the dress code was beach wear. Despite the weather, the ladies were dressed in summer wear and beach throws while the gents in their colourful summer shorts and vests. 

The atmosphere described by one of the ladies that attended the beach party, was ‘Tropical’.

“The event was lit, I actually felt as though I was on the shores of Durban, and even though it was raining, it wasn’t cold, infact I think the rain made the event more exciting”, said Noluthando Mazibuko, who attended the event. 

“Salute to the events group ‘Until-Until’ for holding Joburg down, with the best party by far and bringing the beach to the city, the performing acts was really the highlight of my night. A well-done to them too for keeping the crowd entertained in the rain.” Sihle Sehlango, a happy and excited attendant said.


According to the interviews, the events group Until-until outdid themselves, with a happy crowd and a successful event. Props to them.  Now we wait for the next Until-Until event to see what creative angle they include in their parties this time. 


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