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Its Wooo Haaa! at Berea Park

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Mayor welcomes new JMPD recruits

Mayor welcomes new JMPD recruits

One hundred and seventeen...

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Chaos at IDP meeting

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Hollywoodbets Hillbrow donates to PC Allstars Football Club

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Mayor warns motorists

Mayor warns motorists

 Johannesburg Metro Polic...

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Save Big and Win with AFHCO

“AFHCO” Africa Housing Company wants you to save more so you can do more. 

  With the rand dropping, and the country being rated junk status by two international agencies which impacts your pocket; AFHCO has introduced new promotions, valid from now until  the 30th of June 2017. 

  When you apply to live with us, you will automatically get an admin fee reduction of R400, you will now pay your admin fee when your application is approved, at only R450. 

  There is a 20% discount on all available units, you will pay the discounted rent for the duration of the period that you stay with us.

   You also qualify for a Rent Free Month, 50% off the first month and 50% off the second month and you pay your deposit over 3 months. 


This promotion will be launching on Saturday, 20 May 2017 at the following buildings: 

120 End Street at End Street Mall

Khan Corner at 102 End Street

Frank and Hirsh at 352 Lilian Ngoyi Street 

Lustre at 114 Goud Street

Ilanga at 131 Pritchard Street

Nukerk at 73 Nugget Street

Cavendish at 183 Rahima Moosa Street, opposite Jeppe Post Office

Maxwell Hall at 96 Small Street

Legae at 217 Lilian Ngoyi Street

Sambro at 25 Kruis Street


Save! Save! Save!

 Can you imagine what you can do with that saving? Perhaps a holiday? No, if you stay with us before the end of June, you and 10 other tenants also stand a chance to win a trip to Durban with a partner, all expenses paid. There are so many benefits of being an AFHCO tenant, at your 6 months anniversary of staying with us, you will get 25% discounted on your rent, 

FOR EVERY SIX MONTHS, which makes it even better to stay with us for longer as you will save more and do more. 

 Visit us at AFHCO Corner, 1st Floor, 64 Siemert Road (Corner Siemert and Error Street) New Doornfontein, Johannesburg, 2094. 

Our operating hours are:

Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm, Friday from 8am to 4.30pm and Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30pm. 

 You may call us to arrange for a viewing of any of our flats on 

087 075 0837 or via email at: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


WannaCry – a new corporate hostage issue

An unprecedented wave of ransomware infections is hitting organizations in all industries around the world. Hospitals over the weekend were held ‘ransom” to this virus and were forced into a position where they were unable to operate at all.

  The culprit: the WannaCry/WCry ransomware. You may not be an organisation but any private user with a laptop or cell-phone is vulnerable – you have to be incredibly cautious!

Ransomware is a type of malware (computer virus)  that prevents or limits users from accessing their system, either by locking the system’s screen or by locking the users’ files - unless a ransom is paid. 

More modern ransomware encrypts certain file types on infected systems and forces users to pay the ransom through certain online payment methods to get a decrypt key. Ransom prices vary. 

Thanks to the perceived anonymity offered by cryptocurrencies, ransomware operators commonly specify ransom payments in bitcoins. 

Currently for this ransomware the ‘hijackers’ are demanding payment in bitcoin. One bitcoin will cost a South African just under R23 000.00!

Recent ransomware variants have also listed alternative payment options such as iTunes and Amazon gift cards. 

Organisations that are held ransom in this way feel they are left with little choice but to pay to have their files released, however paying the ransom does not guarantee that users will get the decryption key or unlock tool required to regain access to the infected system or hostaged files.

Users may encounter this threat through a variety of means. 

Ransomware can be downloaded onto systems when unwitting users visit malicious or compromised websites. 

Some ransomware are known to be delivered as attachments from spammed email, downloaded from malicious pages through malvertisements, or dropped onto vulnerable systems. 

Using sites that promote illegal activity such as copyright infringements of music and movies, makes the user particularly vulnerable to viruses.

Ransomware can either lock the computer screen, or, in the case of crypto-ransomware, encrypt certain vital files. In the first case, a full-screen image or notification is displayed on the infected system’s screen, which prevents victims from using their system. 

This also shows the instructions on how users can pay for the ransom.  The second type of ransomware prevents access to files to potentially critical or valuable files like documents and spreadsheets. 

Be wary also of FAKEAV which will  encourage the user to purchase bogus antivirus software.

So what do we do with this information? “At Boston City Campus & Business College we see a career opportunity!”. So says Ian Becker of the Higher Education Division at Boston. 

“Consider that this type of virus brings new ways and more opportunities for people to earn money anonymously in huge amounts, without having to really ever work a day. “This attack of virus ware will not end, it will get worse”, says Becker. 

“So we have to learn to protect ourselves. Boston has specific and broader Information Technology courses that will provide organisations with skilled personnel to protect their resources”. 

Becker recommends specifically the Security Technician Administrator qualification for these skills. 

Computer Security Specialists help plan, coordinate, and implement the organization’s information security. 

These workers educate users about computer security, install security software, monitor networks for security breaches, respond to cyber attacks, and in some cases, gather data and evidence to be used in prosecuting cyber crime. 

The responsibilities of Computer Security Specialists have increased in recent years as cyber attacks have become more common.

What type of person do you need to be? Becker recommends that  Security Specialist Technicians must have strong problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills, troubleshooting and a sense of logic!

 The constant interaction with other personnel, customers, and employees requires Security specialists to communicate effectively on paper, via email, over the phone, and in person. 

Strong writing skills are useful in preparing manuals for employees and customers.

How to avoid being infected: “If you do not personally know the sender of an email, do not open it”, says Becker. 

“When you get a call to say that Microsoft has identified a problem on your computer and you must log in so they can solve it for you –hang up! Do not open attachments with strange names, and always be on the lookout for strange items in the subject line.

 Trust me – you have not won 1 million pounds in the UK lotto.”

Contact Boston on 011 551-2000, 

e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

visit, or Facebook. 


Mayor welcomes new JMPD recruits

One hundred and seventeen newly qualified metro police officers will be deployed to the streets of Johannesburg this week after successfully completing a gruelling and intensive 18-month training course at the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) Academy.

The new recruits were congratulated by Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba during a graduation ceremony held at the academy in Eloff Street, southern Johannesburg, on Wednesday May 17.

“My administration is proud of you and we will support you all the way in your difficult task of fighting crime, corruption and grime,” Mayor Mashaba said.

“You all know that this administration has, among others, declared crime as public enemy No 1. We have zero tolerance on corruption, crime and grime. We place that responsibility on your shoulders but we will assist you all the way,” he said. 

The training included courses in the Criminal Procedure Act, Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act, Firearms and Ammunition Act, National Road Traffic Management Act and Transport Regulations. Mashaba said the City would soon recruit a further 1 500 JMPD officers to fight crime in the city.

An overwhelming 65 000 people had applied for the posts when applications closed earlier this month. “This shows the high levels of unemployment in our City and the country as a whole. But we are pleased that we will be making a difference to some members of our communities,” he said. Mayor Mashaba, who was accompanied by Member of the Mayoral Committee for Safety Cllr Michael Sun, said the law enforcement cluster was faced with a trust deficit.

“Our communities no longer trust our men and women in blue. This is because of the rampant corruption they experience in the hands of our police officers. Our police officers take bribes and sell dockets,” he said.

“My administration will deal harshly with any member of JMPD who is found to be involved in criminal activity,” he said. Mayor Mashaba said he was placing a heavy responsibility on the new graduates to help return and restore the respect police officers once enjoyed. 

The course’s top performers – who were presented with trophies – were Onica Monareng (Criminal Procedure Act), MTA Mabatla (Traffic Act and Firearms and Ammunition Act), KS Sikhosana (National Road Traffic Act) and EK Kekana and NE Butamo (AARTO Act). 

Monareng was also named the overall best performing student for displaying excellent professional conduct and an understanding of the application of the rules and regulations of the Transport and Traffic Acts.

Monareng, of Walkerville, south of Johannesburg, said she had always wanted to be a law enforcement officer.

“When I was still growing up I always admired a police uniform. And I knew that one day I would wear it. Today my wish has come true,” said Monareng. She said hard work, dedication and determination were key to success.

 — additional reporting by Kudakwashe Hove

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